Established by a group of social entrepreneurs with extensive experience, passion and drive for developing innovative community solutions.

The Community Impact Initiative is a forward-thinking social enterprise that develops and delivers skill and community-development projects in our local communities that lead to a range of personal, social and economic benefits.

As a not-for-profit organisation, income generated is for the sole purpose of our activities, with profits re-invested to enhance and continue our community initiatives, allowing us to strive towards our vision and mission.


Through our work we support a wide-range of individuals to develop the skills, confidence and motivation required to make positive life improvements. Nearly 23% of the Welsh population is currently economically inactive due to a broad range of reasons. Through our work it is our intention to increase this percentage, supporting individuals from a range of backgrounds to positively progress. These backgrounds include:

  • Long-term unemployment;
  • Mental health issues;
  • Homelessness;
  • Drug and/or alcohol addictions;
  • Ex-offenders;
  • Low skilled;
  • Jobless households;
  • Experience of domestic abuse;
  • Young NEETS (or at risk of becoming NEET).
  • Marginalised due to background, race and gender

The Cii supports these individuals through providing the opportunity for work experience, the development of skills and the achievement of accredited qualifications required to move closer towards employment.


The social impact of the organisation is far-reaching and has a real, lasting impact upon our local communities and wider society:


  • Rejuvenates our local communities by stimulating more active citizens who positively engage with their communities.
  • Reduces poverty and economic inactivity in our communities through increasing employment rates.
  • Supports reduction of re-offending rates through activities.
  • Supports reduction in vandalism and anti-social behaviour in our communities.
  • Introduces new properties to the housing market, improving first-time buyer opportunities.

  • Reduces empty properties local authority costs.
  • Reduces school and local authority costs in addressing disengagement.
  • Reduces HMPPS costs.
  • Reduces the impact on emergency/health care services.

  • Supports the development of personal and employability skills.
  • Supports a range of health benefits.
  • Improves understanding of the labour market and employment prospects.
  • Reduces possibility of disengaging from education/society.
  • Reduces possibility of re-engaging with justice system.

  • I enjoyed learning new skills and the company of others. I’m not the type to naturally socialise and engage with others, therefore this project has been really helpful in making me more confident.

    Nathan Gwyn
    Community Legacy Project
  • The project was really enjoyable and helped me learn new skills. I was nervous to begin with but as the weeks went by I became very comfortable in interacting with the others. I enjoyed meeting new people, was made to feel welcome and the staff looked after me as they understood my disabilities. This is the best project I’ve been involved with.

    Adrian Martin
    Community Legacy Project